In 2019 on the water will do an exact copy of the legendary «Titanic»

In 2019 on the water will do an exact copy of the legendary «Titanic»

In the new «Titanic» will be fully reconstructed interiors of the original ship.

The tragic story of the Titanic finds an echo in the hearts of people today, although the disaster occurred over 100 years ago. Not the last role in promoting the legendary ship played the movie from Leonardo DiCaprio which was released in 1997. And now, after 20 years of silence, several companies undertook the construction of exact copies of a transatlantic steamer.

Thus, the company Qixing Energy Investment Group announced the construction of a replica of the Titanic, in 2014, and construction beginning in 2016, writes the Telegraph. Now the construction of the ship completed two-thirds: six of the nine major beams already installed. January 2, 2018, the company has published several photos of the new liner called «Titanic Romandisea».

Quite a few have asked for a ‘comparison’ view of the build.
Here is 2 starboard bow views. One taken in August and one this month.
We appreciate all of your feedback and support for the project.
— Romandisea Titanic (@RomandiseaT2) January 2, 2018.

Despite the fact that the new ship will be a complete copy of the original «Titanic» it does not plan to release the water. New «Romandisea Titanic» will be located on the river of Qi in Datingcom County County of Sichuan in southwest China. Visitors, however, will be able to stroll around the interiors-replicas. Here fully recreate the ballroom, theater, swimming pools and cabins, where you can enjoy the feast and take part in theme parties and games.

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The cost of construction of a ship — almost $ 150 million. It will be the main decoration of the new complex of amusement parks that is located here. The hotel «Romandisea Titanic» will be able to accommodate up to 5 thousand tourists.

The construction of the Chinese copy of the Titanic plan to end in 2018, and to visit it will be in 2019.

For those who want not just to watch «Titanic» and even taking it on a cruise company Blue Star Line is building a cruise liner, Titanic II. It was planned to launch the 20th anniversary of the release of the film with DiCaprio, but workers do not have time with work, and he will go to water only in 2019. The company has already presented the imaging decks. The first voyage of the ship, allegedly, will begin with Dubai’s.

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