In Japan, deer are increasingly bite tourists because of the deception

In Japan, deer are increasingly bite tourists because of the deception

Tourists lure deer with food and then hide it.

The city of Nara in Japan is famous for its numerous ancient temples, and even a huge Park, where deer roam freely. Tourists specially come here to stroll among the animals, feed them and take pictures. Increasingly, however, animals attack humans, because they bait the deer with food and then hiding to do a selfie.

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In 2017 were 168 cases of animal attacks, which is significantly more than in previous years, writes the Japan Times.

«Such a situation increased considerably. Tourists think that the deer are domesticated and trained not to attack people, but animals are annoyed that they are being deceived, hiding food» — say in the administration of the Park.

Recently the Park has placed 40 signs in different languages, which tell the tourists about the rules of conduct on site.

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«Basically, the deer will not attack unless we will them to do anything, — reported in administration. «They’re used to people and they can be fed, but do not forget that it’s still wild animals».

I mentioned earlier that Japanese trains will «pretend» the dog barking, and a reindeer sniffing. Such an upgrade was done to reduce the mortality of animals on the tracks of high-speed transport.

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