In Lviv will open the track length of almost 9 kilometres

In Lviv will open the track length of almost 9 kilometres

Trail stretches from Slavske mountain ILSA, with views of the surrounding countryside and mountain ranges.

Saturday, December 23, will open a new ski route from the village of Slavske in the mountains ILSA and Volosyanka village. Its length of 8.7 kilometers. Previously, this area was used only for Hiking in the warm period of the year. But now he was prepared for skiing, and on top of the mountain ILSA equipped ski rope tow. By the way, its height is 1064 meters.

This was reported on the website of Lviv regional state administration.

For the first time this trail was opened in 2016, the year for Hiking. But then it was not installed there are no signs for tourists, and the pass was poorly cleared. At the same time, on the mountain even held competitions in Nordic walking and mountain running into mountain. Now on the cleared route with the relevant notes will be able to walk far fans of Hiking or skiing day and sicuro. Ski touring is Hiking on special skis, which includes mountain descents and ascents.

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«We expect a high popularity of this route. The last two years Slavske kept steadily in the top three leading destinations in the new year and Christmas period. See the need for the marking of short Hiking and ski trails, therefore, are actively working in this direction», – says head of Department of tourism and resorts of Lviv regional state administration Natalia Tobacco.

Interesting itinerary and the fact that the mountain ILSA offers incredible views of the Slavske Trostian mountain High top and part of the Carpathian polonyna Borzhava ridge. The summit is located in the heart of the massif.

Oh, Woe is ILSA there is a local legend that alleged witch ILSA lost here your favorite. And now here come the couples to make a wish and never give up.

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