In National Geographic showed the island with the animals, found nowhere else on the planet

In National Geographic showed the island with the animals, found nowhere else on the planet

On the volcanic Islands of the live animals that came before humans.

The unique climate has made the Galapagos Islands a refuge for animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. Here, near active volcanoes, has remained amazing views, 95% of which even older people. Among these: marine iguanas, giant tortoises, flightless cormorants and various birds.

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It is believed that the nature of the Galapagos helped Charles Darwin to discover the theory of evolution, writes National Geographic. He spent some time here and noticed that on each island of the archipelago formed its own unique fauna and flora. This is due to the fact that there occur as many as three ocean currents.

The most interesting for visitors is the absence of fear and even curiosity, which animals usually are people on the Galapagos Islands. Travelers can approach them as close as nowhere else in the world. And although the Islands are a living laboratory of evolutionary changes, their ecosystems have remained unchanged for thousands of years. R Perry

In 2007, a large number of visitors, over-fishing and importation of unusual species of Galapagos could be irrevocably destroyed. But, thanks to the intervention UNESCO in 2010, the situation was normalized. Now on each of the Islands may bring a limited number of tourists.

Most tourists to the Galapagos from mid-June to September and again from mid-December to Jan. At other times visitors are much less due to the changeable climate of the region – hot weather can vary a protracted rains. However, even in this period there is a lot to see.

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Travelers come to Galapagos mainly in a few cities, and they make forays to see the unique animals and nature. Experts say that the best way to travel between the Islands by boat. So, to get closer to the habitats of exotic animals.

On the Islands there are two airports: Baltra and San Cristobal, which is serviced by regular flights from mainland cities Quito and Guayaquil. Galapagos is located a thousand kilometers from the coast of South America.

We will remind, earlier National Geographic has chosen the best photos for 2017. The jury watched nearly two million images, to show the work of 88 photographers.

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