In North Korea to the Olympics in 2018 built a new ski resort

In North Korea to the Olympics in 2018 built a new ski resort

The resort was built to attract tourists who come to the winter Olympic games in South Korea.

North Korea has announced the opening of a ski resort in Kang. Its creation is dedicated to the Olympic winter games in 2018, which will be held February 9-25 in Pyeongchang-gun (PyeongChang), South Korea.

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The area of the new resort in Kang – 50 thousand square meters. In this area there are two hotels, Parking, administrative offices and public ski slopes, says DPRK Today. In addition, the resort has special tanks with water to create artificial snow in case he will not come naturally.

To skiing and snowboarding, here there are two slopes with lifts. One has a length of 530 meters and width 40 meters. The size of the other, respectively, 200 by 30 meters.

Kanggye is located approximately 300 kilometers from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

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This is the second resort built in the country over the past five years. Previous ski resort Basicrun was built in 2013, presumably on the initiative Kim Jong-UN. It is believed that North Korean leader started to get into skiing after training in Switzerland.

I mentioned earlier that Kim Jong-UN spoke of the need to improve relations with South Korea. The leader of the DPRK expressed readiness to send to the Olympics in 2018 delegation from the country.

Videochat, and South Korea will act under a common flag at the opening of the winter Olympic games

In addition, they agreed to create the first joint women’s hockey team. Pyongyang promised to send on competitions of 550 delegates. Among them almost half of the members of the support team. Winter Olympics in South Korea will last from 9 to 25 February.

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