In Paris opened a brothel with the sex dolls instead of prostitutes

In Paris opened a brothel with the sex dolls instead of prostitutes

The brothel clients were asked to choose among four silicone models.

In Paris, the French capital, joined the first in the country a brothel with a sex doll instead prostitutes’. Facility’s guests are offered a choice of four silicone models in seductive clothes. All the dolls have different hair color and «shape».

It is reported by the Sun.

Clients can retire with a realistic «choice» in separate rooms, decorated with images of other «prostitutes». The owners promise that it will be a new, unique experience for visitors.

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This is not the first such institution in Europe. Previously a public house with the dolls opened in the UK. The owners were suggested to try sex with a rubber model before to buy it.

Another brothel with puppets has opened in Amsterdam last week. His cofounder became the owner of the controversial Dutch show Shoot and Swallow. Sex with silicone model here costs $ 37.

«Scientists say that in 30 years to have sex with a robot be normal,» — said the representative of the show. «In this experiment we want to determine how people feel now to have sex with a plastic doll».

I mentioned earlier that in Barcelona opened a brothel with realistic dolls instead of prostitutes. According to the founders of the institution, the dolls can make the experience more enjoyable and interesting.

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