In Switzerland began a large-scale festival of balloons

In Switzerland began a large-scale festival of balloons

At the festival tourists can also go for excursions and skiing.

27 Jan 2018 Swisses started the 40th festival of balloons. On it have gathered more than 70 pilots from 15 countries. Balloons will rise into the sky for 9 days. In addition, here you will taste local Goodies, to ski or snowboard in the Alpine mountains, to visit the national Park and go on excursions.

This year the event expect about 40 thousand tourists, according to a story TSN.Morning. The local government also promises to surprise visitors with a beautiful night show and an interesting performance.

The festival takes place in the Swiss Alps in the province of Chateau-d’oex, close to ski resort. The action will last till February 4.

Video settings Switzerland brought together more than 70 riders from 15 countries at the festival of balloons

On the way beautiful the flights were not a fog, nor freezing weather. To see the action come many tourists. This time the Swiss are expected to take up to 40 thousand visitors, the festival will last 9 days. Local authorities promise to surprise visitors, and a beautiful night show and an interesting, unique show.

TSN. Rankas’

30 Jan, 09:07

Recall that in Switzerland there is an ice hotel where tourists are offered to build a double needle for 200 euros. For these means wishing give all the necessary tools prepared snow and warm sleeping bags with blankets, which are suitable for camping at temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.

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