In the Odessa region have revived a huge estuary, which could dry completely

In the Odessa region have revived a huge estuary, which could dry completely

The restored canal, which connected the Black sea and the Tiligul estuary.

Over the past four months the water level in the Tiligul estuary has risen by 70 centimeters. It became possible thanks to the full restoration of silted channel between it and the Black sea. The pond will be more interesting for tourists, because here you can swim and go fishing.

Now the salinity of the Tiligulsky estuary is normalized, which will contribute to return here for fish and birds, said on the website of the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov.

«In General, the problems with Caligula began a few decades ago. Freshwater rivers dry up, and the channel that connects the reservoir to the sea, sililo. Through this estuary began to grow shallow, and the salinity level of the water here was twice that in the Black sea», — stated on the page.

Restored the channel in the last year, but significant results were noticeable now. It installed a gateway and cross a dam that allows you to regulate the water level of the Tiligulsky estuary, to control its salinity and to take care of his safety.

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At the same time, reconstruction of the canal was not completed until the end, the report said. So, thanks to funds from regional and state budgets it plans to rebuild the fundamentally.

The canal flows in the Odessa area near Koblevo.

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Snidanok 1+1

7 August 2017, 14:14

I mentioned earlier that the authorities of Odessa region have allocated a huge sum for restoration of the Akkerman fortress. The allocated funds are planning to conduct archaeological exploration, to restore the castle and to build infrastructure for tourists.

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