Japan will force the tourists to pay the tax for leaving the country

Japan will force the tourists to pay the tax for leaving the country

The fee will include the cost of a plane ticket or a ship.

On January 7, 2019 all tourists who visit Japan will be forced to pay a «Sinarsky fee» to leave the country. The fee will be a thousand yen, which is about $ 12, and will be included in the cost of the plane ticket or ship.

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The fee would be paid by all tourists, except children under two years, and travelers who are staying in the country for more than a day, according to StraitsTimes.

In addition, under the bill, all public transport should appear in the electronic payment system, and wi-fi should be free.

The tax decided to impose to increase the flow of funds from the tourism industry. The money you plan to invest in the development of rural tourism in Japan, and also grants global travel companies.

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The number of tourists in Japan is growing every year. So, in 2017 the country was visited by nearly 29 million travelers, which is 19 % higher than Godoy informed. This was one of the reasons for the introduction of «Signalscope collection».

In 2020, when Tokyo will host the summer Olympic games, officials in the country expect to attract around 40 million tourists.

Recall that in Japan tourists the night admiring the cherry blossoms lighted up by incredible illumination. During this period, many travelers are photographed. The contemplation is accompanied by picnics under the Sakura. In the evening, when the sun sets, the trees light illumination.

Video settings Japan began a magical time of cherry blossom

The flowering time of this tree is the Japanese associated with the onset of spring. To see the color of cherry blossoms in the parks bring their families and picnics. It happens that in the parks and reserves there are no available places for everyone to enjoy the colors.

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