Japanese trains will mimic the dog barking, and a reindeer sniffing

Japanese trains will mimic the dog barking, and a reindeer sniffing

To such tricks, the railroad ran, to reduce the number of animals that die on the tracks.

Trains Japanese equipped with loudspeakers that bark like a dog and snort like a deer. Upgrade made to reduce the mortality of animals on the tracks of high-speed transport.

According to the Tokyo Institute deer have a habit of repeatedly piercing snort to warn everyone of the danger, writes Daily Mail. The scientists decided to add to it also the dog barking, which also scares animals.


The device was developed by a team of Railway scientific and technological Institute and has reduced the number of victims among the animals by 40 %. When the deer hear triscone sniffing and 20 seconds barking, then they get scared and run away from the tracks.

Now, the dynamics set in test mode on several trains. If the results continue to be positive, by the end of 2018, the year they equip the whole railway transport of Japan.

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