Non-resort Turkey, which should be seen by everyone. Cave hotel and fabulous stone valley Cappadocia

Non-resort Turkey, which should be seen by everyone. Cave hotel and fabulous stone valley Cappadocia

Near the town of Goreme, guests can cheap to live in a comfortable cave and take a stroll among the igneous rocks.

Cappadocia is a historical area in Turkey, which includes several cities. The most beautiful and the most famous reliefs is located near the city of Goreme. On its outskirts there are fantastic mountains and rock spires, which locals call the valley of the fairies. There is even a nature open air Museum — Goreme open air Museum.

A unique Cappadocian mountains in the result of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. So, from solidified magma, ash and tuff stone formed an amazing Park. All the rocks were laid down sequentially in layers. Then, over the years, wind, rain and glaciers edited them and created such interesting «mushrooms» made of stone. By the way., on the slopes of one of the volcanoes – Orgies – now equipped with a modern ski resort.

Rock that formed the rocks of Cappadocia, relatively soft. People quickly realized this, we began to create caves which perform various functions: economic, religious, and residential in particular. The tradition of living in caves survived until today. In the vicinity of Goreme, there are the most common courtyards, with vineyards, but some people still live in caves. Moreover, there is even a hotel in the rock, which offers, as the budget of the cave, and the magnificent apartments. A simple room for two here can cost you 900 hryvnia. A more advanced version will cost from 3.5 to 110 thousand hryvnia per day. So, everyone can feel like a cave man of XXI century.

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Journey «Sedanka» winter Turkey continues. And today we are going to a fabulous place that were created more than 10 million years. Go to Cappadocia!

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