Nudists-educators travel the world and maintain a straightforward travel-blog

Nudists-educators travel the world and maintain a straightforward travel-blog

In his blog, the guy with the girl tell you where you can relax naked and how to become a nudist.

Nudist couple from Belgium traveling around the world lead your candid travel blog. Nick and Lins not just like getting naked, they also conduct educational activities and explain that nudity is a step to total freedom. Stay naked, in the opinion of the girl and the guy has nothing to do with swinging, exhibitionism or voyeurism.

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Last year, the couple traveled to countries in Asia. In particular in Sri Lanka did not like them that locals even swim in pants and t-shirts, says NYpost. Malaysia and India also have a relatively old-fashioned views on Nude recreation. But on the island of Bali, which is positioned as a place where anything is possible Nick and Lins liked more, because there is nudist beaches. In Bali, a relaxed attitude to naked campers and do not associate nudity with sex. However, if the rest naked on public beaches, you can even go to jail, but because you should always be considerate and attentive to local laws.

«For the first time in two months finally, we can be naked among other nudists. This does not mean that we were always dressed before, in fact we have learned to be very resourceful and found an amazing deserted beaches,» says Lins.

Next, the couple plans to visit Thailand. In the country there are six nudist resorts, but because Nick and Lins look forward to the journey. The main limitation there only applies to the fact that people didn’t have sex in public and walking around naked at such resorts is quite normal.

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Previously, the couple has already visited Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Turkey.

Now after page of Belgian nudists watches more than 25 thousand followers Instagram. In addition, Nick and Lins are your educational travel blog for the novice nudists. He allowed the couple to earn advertising via the Internet and retire from familiar work.

We will remind, earlier it was told about travel-blogart, which ridiculed the owner of a luxury hotel in Dublin. She wanted to live free of charge at the hotel for what promised to advertise the institution through their profiles in social networks. Such a proposal, the owner issued a letter which advised the girl to find a job and to remember about self-esteem.

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