Obsessive phobia Briton breaks traditional ideas about travel and photography

Obsessive phobia Briton breaks traditional ideas about travel and photography

The London artist makes atmospheric photos that won the Internet, not leaving from the house.

London artist Jacques Kenny dreams of a real journeys but afraid of leaving the house through agoraphobia. The fear of open spaces prevents to live a full life, but because he sees the world through the Internet service Google Street View.

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First, Kenny took screenshots of interesting places on the cards to later find them easily. After some time he began to publish footage in social networks and describe their findings. And so, without leaving home, and without a camera, the artist has made about 25 thousand images, writes National Geographic. He noticed that many of his photos are made in a certain style and different artistic conception. Then Kenny unwittingly founded a new trend in photography, and later created his own project devoted to such «snapshots».

In order to make a good screenshot, Kenny first selects the country, and then some more specific location. Search good side can take from several days to even several weeks. But it finds its amazing, especially the natural «snapshot» reflecting the spirit of the chosen place.

Now through the Internet, he not only travels, but finds like-minded people who also find it difficult to leave home through agoraphobia. In addition, Jacques Kenny listens to the advice of their followers relative to interesting locations. It is mainly interested in unusual places: sparsely populated desert and rock city. «They give me all the visual elements that I look for in the picture: a lot of negative space, the dusty air frame which adds a sense of otherworldliness, and even bold colors, interesting architecture and people», — says the artist.

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Jacques Kenny says that he has already made a few small real travel. It was inspired by the project and readers. «Each sortie can, perhaps, compare with rise on Everest for ordinary people. Even for a trip to the supermarket I need to gather all inner strength», — shares his emotions Kenny. In the future he wants to travel and photograph real places to inspire people to deal with their fears.

Earlier it was told, how to create a successful travel blog and earn on it. The most important thing that attracts readers, that’s an interesting atmospheric photography. In addition, you need to find your own style and keep in touch with followers.

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