On the Islands of Italy are to be fined tourists who eat from plastic on the beach

On the Islands of Italy are to be fined tourists who eat from plastic on the beach

While the ban applies to several Islands in the Adriatic sea.

Italian Tremiti Islands, which are located in the Adriatic sea, on the beaches is forbidden to use any plastic utensils. Violators will be fined 500 euros.

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The reason is that tourists leave trash on the beach or thrown into the sea from which the island took second place for pollution in Italy, according to Greenpeace. The most polluted island named Pratesi, near Naples.

«Greenpeace» has found «significant levels of anthropogenic pollution» or simply carbon dioxide, which is released into the soil and water from plastic.

The mayor of the Tremiti Islands not only imposed a ban on the use of plastic utensils on the coasts, but also called on all the Islands of Italy to introduce such measures in themselves. He believes that this will help to preserve the purity of the Adriatic sea and forced tourists to take a responsible attitude towards nature.

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Now tourists, as well as everyone else on the beaches of the Tremiti Islands, you will need to use biodegradable plates and cups, if they want to have a picnic.

We will remind that from-for negligence of tourists in Thailand will close one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It will be closed for three summer months through the destruction of a significant number of corals nearby.

Videoblast of Thailand will be closed for tourists popular beach on the island of Phi Phi Ley

To free the beaches from annoying tourists trying the government of Thailand. They decided to close for travelers one of the most famous spots — the Bay of «Maya» on the island of Phi Phi Ley. It has become popular after the movie «the Beach» with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Since then wishing to repeat the journey of the film nearly destroyed all the fish and coral reefs in the Gulf.

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