Paradise island with incredible underwater world has headed a rating of the best new trends 2018

Paradise island with incredible underwater world has headed a rating of the best new trends 2018

Vacationers rent a boat with glass bottom to look colorful coral reefs and exotic fish.

Ishigaki – incredible Japanese island with white sandy beaches, rare corals, rocks, and mangrove forests. It is located near Taiwan and is bordered by two seas: the East China and Philippine. Because of their tiny size, the island remains little known among tourists.

But in 2017, travelers began to visit much more Ishigaki. At the same time, the percentage of positive reviews about the hotel, restaurants, monuments of architecture and nature is much higher than any other resort places of the world, says TripAdvisor. So, the island topped the ranking of the «Best new directions 2018».

«The sea around the island is clear turquoise and white sand beaches of the tune into a dreamy mood. But don’t stand on the beach just walking around your neighborhood. Travelers are advised to hire a boat with a transparent bottom and see the amazing coral reefs and tropical fish», — reported in a travel Agency.

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In Ishigaki will also appeal to divers and foodies. So, on the island cook many exotic dishes. One of these: spaghetti Yaeyama soba.

The rating included 10 little-known ways:

1. Ishigaki, Japan,

2. Kapaa, Hawaii

3. Nairobi, Kenya,

4. Halifax, Canada,

5. Gdansk, Poland,

6. San Jose, Costa Rica,

7. Riga, Latvia,

8. Rovinj, Croatia,

9. Nerja, Spain,

10. Casablanca, Morocco.

Earlier experts have called the best beach in the world, which impressed even the most demanding travelers. The grace Bay beach, located on the Islands of Terex and Caicos Islands. It is washed by the Atlantic ocean, and the Islands are located near Cuba. Such a high assessment waterfront received thanks to the incredible beauty, quality sand and heavenly views that there are. The only drawback of the beach, according to experts, it’s inconvenient location.

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