Popular Ukrainian resort will be decorated with new exquisite waterfront

Popular Ukrainian resort will be decorated with new exquisite waterfront

In addition to the beginning of the season, will complete the 260-metre quay.

By the beginning of tourist season in 2018 on the black sea coast in Koblevo will build a new 260-metre quay. Now a 250 metres.

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The idea of creating a discussed on the Internet, and then it was picked up by the local administration, writes Complete.News.

On the coast in Koblevo already built a retaining module that will protect the walkway from erosion and storms. Now they are adorned with mosaics. In addition, you will subsequently install the second batch of decorative lights. The first hundred meters of the embankment was prepared to last season.

Until the end of may it is planned to complete the construction of flower beds with ornamental plants. Flower beds will be bright, saturated colors, contrasting with the white sidewalk and benches.

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However, the promenade will be a free toilet for a sufficient number of cabins and free showers available to every tourist.

The embankment is built solely for Hiking. In addition to the adjacent retail outlets and restaurants, the location of such institutions directly on the waterfront is not provided.

In the future, the waterfront in Koblevo plan to build up to a kilometer.

Earlier it was mentioned about the island Berezan, which is located in the Black sea, near Koblevo. To get there, to get to the village Rybakivka, and from there take a motor boat.

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11 August 2017, 11:35

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