Royal «Garden of Europe» with thousands of tulips opens near Amsterdam

Royal «Garden of Europe» with thousands of tulips opens near Amsterdam

In the Park on the area of several dozen hectares planted thousands of tulips, daffodils, flowers, lilac, roses and orchids.

This year’s season at the Royal Netherlands flower Park «Keukenhof» – will begin March 22. It is located on the outskirts of the small town of Lisse, 30 kilometers from Amsterdam. For the incredible Tulip fields and a huge greenhouse with daffodils, lilacs, roses and orchids it is called the «Garden of Europe«.

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Every year in the Park create a unique atmosphere dedicated to a certain topic. So, the slogan «Keukenhof-2018» – «Romance of flowers». The Park will play classical music, and there will be an exhibition rose, where special attention is paid to the red rose. Installation of the season will be «the Garden of Cupid.» Also, there is traditional mosaic of more than 50 thousands of live tulips.

The most interesting thing in the Park will be from 18 to 22 April, a large-scale flower parade Bollenstreek, which will be held not only in Lisbon but also in other cities of the Netherlands. During the action the streets will drive the huge sculptures made of flowers.

In General, the Park will be open for visitors until 13 may 2018.

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To reach «Keukenhof» from the capital airport «Schiphol» on the bus 858, which runs to Lissa every 15 minutes, and buses from Amsterdam, the Hague and Leiden.

The cost of admission for adults, 17 euros for children up to 11 years 8 euros, and infants under 3 years free admission.

«Keukenhof» is open from 8:00 to 19:30, the cashier closes at 18:00.

Recall that the Netherlands was in the top ten of the happiest countries in the world. The rating is calculated annually by the international index of happiness, the basis of determination of which is the welfare of the people, the environment and a number of other indicators.

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