Secrets of hunters travelling, or how to catch «the burning» tour

Secrets of hunters travelling, or how to catch «the burning» tour

To go on vacation discount is most likely in the offseason.

Purchase «last minute» tickets, it is usually a chance to go on a journey at a much lower price. But it also forces you to adapt on those days, offered by the travel Agency. In addition, discount vouchers sell mostly off-season or the deadline of the holiday season. So you should be prepared for some inconvenience.

So, for a summer beach tours «last minute» trips are offered at the beginning of spring and end of autumn. And foreign ski resorts cheaper to fly in the summer, writes Studwey.

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There are periods when discounts on travel – just a marketing ploy. In particular, it relates to the may and Christmas holidays, and the period July-August for a beach vacation. School holidays – hardly a real option for budget travelling. This period is usually at the «last minute» trips, you don’t have to.

Therefore, if you stumbled upon the best offer, do not be lazy and check out the prices at several travel agencies: the hotel offer, and, in General, for the selected resort.

Popular among Ukrainians countries and when they buy hot tickets:

Egypt. The land of pyramids and pharaohs welcoming at any time of the year. Nice for a beach holiday temperatures will be in the periods of April-may, September-October, so the prices at this time above. Winter in Egypt is to go mostly not for the sea coast and to visit the valley of the dead and the Karnak temple near Luxor or the legendary pyramids and the Sphinx, near Cairo.

«Hot» spots in Egypt can you buy in the summer, but then the temperature is above 40 degrees, so it is doubtful whether so save money.

Turkey. The best option to fly to Turkey in September-October. Then not so hot as summer, but the weather is still acceptable for a beach holiday. In the summer peak season – prices are sky-high, and guests a lot – so find a «burning» permit is much more complicated.

In Turkey, in addition to numerous beaches, there are a number of cultural attractions that can be visited at any time of the year.

Bulgaria. In recent time, the country is becoming more popular among Ukrainian tourists. This is well developed and beach and ski resorts. Summer season in Bulgaria is may-September. Leisure tours you can find in the following periods: October-November or March-April. This time is ideal for excursions and relaxation on the beaches should be guided by the end of spring or beginning of autumn.

In may, Bulgaria is already warm and the heat. However, people in these periods is much smaller and prices cheaper than in the Ukrainian seaside resorts.

Peak ski season Jan-Feb. In General, the skiing in Bulgaria from December to April. The best time to travel in the winter – end of February: not a very strong wind and the temperature does not drop below 10-15 degrees below zero.

The United Arab Emirates. Compared to the previous editions of the UAE will be more expensive in almost all cases, and «burning» the ticket is out of the question. The most profitable to fly to the country in March-April and October-November. And if you travel to the Emirates in the summer, you should be prepared for excessive heat +45-55 degrees.

Sri Lanka. The island is located in the Indian ocean, off the coast of India. Count on «last minute» trips to Sri Lanka in the so-called rainy seasons. In the South-West is from may to November; in the North-East – October-January. During the holidays is not necessarily a downpour, but its probability is significantly increased.

That is, in Sri Lanka the weather is good all year round, but on different coasts. In this case most likely to stumble on the best deals of the holiday on the island immediately before, or at the end of the period.

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Thailand. Season in Thailand is from November to March. Precipitation during this period no, but vacationers here a lot. But relax on the beaches of Thailand and travel around the country throughout the year.

Low season is between April to October. Travel companies often convince customers that it’s time to fly to Thailand is not recommended. Supposedly the rainy season, but it is not so. In fact, rains are mostly short-lived, though, and plentiful. Mostly they go after lunch or at night. However, if you plan to travel to Thailand in the rainy season, you still need to learn more about the weather at your selected time.

I should add that another way to cheaply buy a ticket to the desired destination, it is early booking. This option will allow you not only to plan all travel details, but are guaranteed to fly during a holiday abroad.

Recall, how to buy tickets and book hotel rooms cheaper. Websites to search for flights or hotels can create artificial demand for your chosen location and date of the trip. Thus, by specifying certain parameters on the website to rent a room, a message appears that there is one or just a few rooms available. Such information is not always the case – better to check it on the hotel website or call directly.

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