Shabby dinosaurs and the fallen kin Kong: looks like an abandoned Dinopark in USA

Shabby dinosaurs and the fallen kin Kong: looks like an abandoned Dinopark in USA

The Park was closed after a fire in 2005.

Parks designed for fun, but in the us state of Arkansas has abandoned the Dinopark, which becomes creepy. Here, among the thickets, are dusty and shabby statues of dinosaurs that are more like scenery for a horror movie.

Video with awesome panoramas of attractions on diznax in Instagram.

Publication here Dax Ward ☠ app (@diznax) 12 April 2018 at 2:34 PDT

Entertaining Park «World of dinosaurs» with giant statues of prehistoric creatures closed in 2005 after a fire. Now an abandoned area of over 26 hectares is overgrown with bushes, pedestals covered with dust, and some rotted and fell.

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«World of dinosaurs» has opened in 1960 as the largest tematyczny peace Park, dedicated mainly to the reptiles of the Jurassic period. Also the photo shows the artificial huge spider, mammoth and opavsky statue of king Kong. The Park is located on the outskirts of beaver, Arkansas, USA.

Recall that in Poland there is a huge existing Park dedicated to the prehistoric reptiles. All figures of dinosaurs here are in full size, so some are incredibly impressive. From the tour you can learn many interesting facts about the missing animals.

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