Starry journey. The advice of astrologers, where to relax each sign of the zodiac in 2018

Starry journey. The advice of astrologers, where to relax each sign of the zodiac in 2018

Astrologers advise to start to travel in the spring, not waiting for the summer.

British astrologers have conducted space researchto know what places are worth a visit this spring to each of the zodiac signs. They spoke perfect travel which will help regain mental strength and energy levels all from the playful Lion in search of unspoiled nature to Scales that are looking for a luxurious stay.

The results of their research, the astrologers told the travel publication Travel+Leisure.


«Fiery Aries restless and active. This spring it will be like to conquer a challenging Hiking trail or to go to active travel. Aries is surfing, rafting or go for a hike,» say the astrologers.

Where to go: the rams should visit the Outback of Australia, where they will be able to fully realize your sporting needs when the warm weather and deserted expanses. In particular, it is worth to visit the rocky Flinders ranges, which was formed over 500 million years ago.

Another worthwhile place in Australia – coast in a National Park Fort Campbell, where he survived massive limestone arches. In addition, Aries will enjoy on Kangaroo island. It is worth to explore the legendary cliffs of the Great Australian Bight – the «Twelve apostles.»

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«The calf should rest with taste – it should be a luxurious hotel with a gourmet kitchen. In the power of Venus, they are ready to savor the food and wine, as well as walk shops and historic museums until the fall. Importantly, Bullock, no one drove and it was able to plan my time.»

Where to go: Taurus should go to Texas in the United States. This course will appeal to this sign of the zodiac, since it is the land of the longhorns – animals with huge horns. The first is to visit the city of Marfa. It is located next to the desert that inspired cosmetologists to create a different means of skin care and perfume.

In this remote town, a Taurus can appreciate the true culture of the United States, visiting perfume boutiques and strolling through the galleries with works by local or famous artists. Additionally, Martha holds an annual festival of spring music, which will appeal to Taurus-aesthetes. Haymes


«The twins are worth a visit, where it is held many colorful festivals and you can see historical and cultural monuments. They like to swim with dolphins, wander the ancient ruins and to visit the huge shopping malls. Representatives of this sign love to talk with the locals, and therefore will quickly become part of any company.»

Where to go: the Twins should visit the most friendly country in the world – Bhutan. Here is a pretty fun and interesting locations not to get bored. The country’s territory is covered with forests more than 60% percent. Among them, in the mountains, is a unique cave paro taktsang means «Tiger’s Lair». Nearest village near the Buddhist temple town of Paro. It is known to decorated wooden, and around the stunning mountain panorama.

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«Cancers during the trip the necessary facilities and tasty food, even if it would have to cook for myself. The ideal place will be a boutique hotel with exquisitely furnished rooms. In General, cancers should give preference to gastro-travel.»

Where to go: the Best country to travel is Italy, because there is an atmospheric boutique hotels, comfortable villas and many places to stay gourmets and connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Better stay at one of the wine villages or towns of the Piedmont region, near Turin. Day Cancers can ride a bike in the middle of endless vineyards, taste the grapes, wine and historic buildings of the Italian province. Closer to the evening, you can cook the pizza according to the traditional recipe, try the local cheeses, truffles and other delicacies of the region.’s photos


«Playful and fun the Lions need an active vacation, to wander freely among the wildlife of the National parks. In addition, the need to satisfy their interest in history and visit the places where has preserved the ancient castle or Palace.»

Where to go: a Trip to Japan is ideal spring travel for the Lion. During adventure traveling is to visit Kyoto, Nara and go with an experienced pedestrian pilgrimage trail Kumano Kodo ski spine cues. The sacred route of the original tea houses and stone statues of Buddhist Bodhisattva. After walking among the trees and rocks are worth a visit vorras ancient Palace with a lush garden. In addition, there are ancient temples of the monks of Yamabushi, where they talk about improvement through self-restraint.

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«Virgo is very attentive to detail and they probably like to plan your entire trip in advance. During the trip, apart from visiting historical sites, it will be interesting to stroll through the shops, taste the local food and just walk around interesting neighborhoods.»

Where to go: Virgo I love to plan their travel, to be independent of circumstances and to visit interesting sights, well-conceived whole route. One of the best countries for the trip will be Morocco. To settle is not in the popular hotels and cosy cottages or ambient villas. Among the attractions: the ancient mosques and FORTS, colorful local markets with different Goodies. In this case, the residence will be interesting to choose not popular among travelers to the city, such as Marrakesh or Fes, and atmospheric and more colorful Essaouira or Chefchaouen.

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«The scales need a decent accommodation and delicious food, but they will not appreciate gourmet dishes or too expensive apartments.»

Where to go: the Best direction to travel is South Africa. There’s a Port Nolloth where you can scuba dive and join the whole of the expedition divers.

In the traditional cuisine of South Africa is dominated by fish dishes and eating seafood in General. In addition, when visiting the country, to try local African wine. JEZEQUEL


«Scorpios should plan a trip to the historic town with interesting architecture, cobblestone streets and colorful outdoor markets. In addition, it would be nice to elect the city was on the seashore»

Where to go: the Scorpions have to go to one of the resorts in Belize on the spit Plasencia. Here you can bask on the beach, swimming, watching the stunning panorama, and diving, considering the mysterious gorges barrier reef.

To learn the historical secrets of the country should go on one of the excursions in the interior of Belize, where preserved ancient Mayan temples.


«Sagittarius will suit a dynamic journey, life in a tent or thatched hut, as well as active rest.»

Where to go: archers should go on a fascinating journey to ancient Silk route. Various interesting excursions with a length of up to 15 days, to offer to the Chinese capital Beijing. Going the legendary route, Sagittarius will be able to explore vintage iridescent landscape of geological Park danxia peak, protected by UNESCO. Besides traveling one of the largest countries in the world, will have the opportunity to visit the Yangling mausoleum in the city of Xianyang, and to explore the legendary terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang di.


«Elegant, Capricorns love to travel to taste and visit an excellent place. It is better to relax at a ski resort, in a wooden house with a sauna and a Spa. Apart from downhill skiing and Hiking on mountain trails, in case, you can try climbing, in particular bouldering.»

Where to go: the Best place will be one of the ski resorts of Lapland. Among the dense forests and snow-capped mountains have a unique opportunity to ride in the sled of huskies or reindeer. In addition, it is possible to try to stay at the ice hotel, with an exclusive design.

I should add that this year the hotel made of ice built on one of the ski resorts of the Carpathians. Gavrilov


«Aquarius is a sign who likes to explore the past and take control of their future. It will be interesting to visit the city, which combines historical monuments and achievements of modernity, among these: San Francisco, London, Tokyo. Also representatives of this sign will like to travel by European cities, where the remains of the Royal spirit of the times: opulent palaces, temples and castles.»

Where to go: the Ideal way to find the present and quiet in one place is to visit Spain. So, in Madrid there are many monuments of medieval architecture and a well preserved Royal palaces, but also many examples of modern art. In addition, the city is famous for its night life, colorful festivals and a large selection of seafood and overall gastronomic diversity. life gallery


«Freedom-loving Pisces enjoy spontaneous travel. The best place to stay – ocean coast where they can relax surrounded by palm trees, the sounds of the ocean.»

Where to go: the Beach culture of Brazil is ideal for Fish. Especially representatives of the sign is Pisces like in the region of Armacao DOS Buzios, where there are many hotels on the coast of the South Atlantic ocean. Here you can bask on the beach or rent a sailboat and go for a walk near the scenic coast. Nearby Rio de Janeiro, so Fish have to go here and relax at the prestigious Ipanema beach. Miraglia

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