Station Devil in the bloody whaling that became a Museum, was dismantled 175 thousand carcasses

Station Devil in the bloody whaling that became a Museum, was dismantled 175 thousand carcasses

The whaling station has been 62 long years.

If you remember the movie «Alien vs Predator», there are developments are on the dark Antarctic whaling station. But in reality, such places are even more terrible than their artistic copy. So, on gentoo island South Georgia is an abandoned whaling, where they were killed and dismantled over 175 thousand whales. Now ships with harpoons are idle, and factory objects covered with rust, and a local Museum tells the tourists about the horrible production that was created, it seems, the devil himself.

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Today, the town of Grytviken is a destination for extreme industrial tourism, writes Daily Mail. But even nearly half a century ago it was dismantled carcasses of whales. Factory earned 1904, and was the only one in this region, and therefore only in its first season, was caught about 200 of these mammals. Every part of them was used for a production of grease did cosmetics, soap, margarine and oil; meat exported as a delicacy; the bones and other remains turned into fertilizer or animal feed.

Grytviken in its heyday there were about 450 workers and a small farm with pigs, chickens, sheep and cattle. The only women were the wives and daughters of the owners of the station, as well as some employee meals.

All staff of this factory could get up to 45 whales in a day. Workers wore boots with hooves, so they do not slip on the frozen ground, deeply imbued with blood.

The plant operated in the southern summer months from October to March, and several members of the crew remained during the winter, to «keep everything under control», maintaining the proper condition of the boat and of the room.

Whaling was closed in December 1966, in General, it propertywala of 62 years. Tourists say that during the trip to the station even now not seeing whales. But, near Grytviken you can see the remains of bones, and whaling ship with harpoon, huge barrels for grease and other facilities where lived and worked the visitors from Norway and the UK workers.

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Besides the factory and the Museum in Grytviken is the tomb of the famous Anglo-Irish Explorer of the Antarctic Ernest Shackleton.

Grytviken is located on the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic ocean. The nearest port from where you can reach the whaling is over 2 thousand kilometers in Ushuaia, Argentina.

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