«The abundance of cheap women and beer»: how the British advertise Ryanair flights to Ukraine

«The abundance of cheap women and beer»: how the British advertise Ryanair flights to Ukraine

The British online edition described the delights of travel to Ukraine in key upcoming flights low cost airline Ryanair.

Not only Ukrainians are interested in the flights of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, which will carry out flights from Kiev and Lviv to European cities. So, the British newspaper the Sun says about the capital of Ukraine as one of the cheap hotels and beer, and even with the most beautiful women, which there are plenty.

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Ukraine has long been popular among men and women of UK as a venue for stag parties, in particular weddings, writes The Sun.

«The British, who were seduced by cheap flights and enjoy the prices that they will meet inside the country. Last year, the index value of the GoPro beer Beer Price Index has recorded its average price in Ukraine – 1.15 lb. In some places you can buy beer and even less for 50 pence. The three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant costs about £ 15.26 and a pack of cigarettes Marlboro – 79 pence. A room in a three star hotel can be found for £ 15 per night and bed in the hostel is worth 3 pounds» – lurid editions of the charm of staying in Ukraine.

Low living standards of the vast majority of the population of Ukraine in the edition explain the complex situation in the East of the country. Low economic level is one of the reasons that the country for a long time kept the image of the destination for the so-called «sex tourism«.

Earlier, TSN published a detailed guide of the cities that will be flying Ryanair. Incredible palaces and castles, stunning cathedrals, and other sights of European cities, which impress the tourists with its heritage, are waiting for the Ukrainians.


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