The British prison, where the ghosts of the executed, will become a hotel

The British prison, where the ghosts of the executed, will become a hotel

Podminkou jail converted into a hotel-Museum with a glass roof.

Desolate prison of the eighteenth century in the British town of Bodmin will be turned into a luxurious hotel of 63 rooms. Old camera converted to a room, and the roof of the fortress the buildings will be glass to make it lighter.

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Prison worked for about 150 years and closed in late 1927, according to the website Twelve Architects. The building was erected by French the slaves, but at the time of operation it has conducted more than 50 public poveshaniyami.

Such a bad history of prison Bodmin attracts thousands of tourists. The guides also talk about the ghosts of the executed, who live in an abandoned building, and in the basement there dwells a population of bats.

In addition, during the First world war in Badenskoj prison was kept a national treasure of great Britain, among whom the symbols of the Royal power of the monarchs.

Building plan to convert into a hotel until the end of 2019. The most difficult is to put the glass roof, because now it is all there, and the walls overgrown with climbing bushes. But it is possible to equip the camera will be just, according to the company Mallino Development, which bought the former prison. The room will just have to restore and equip.

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The cost of the project is estimated at 30 million pounds, which is about 41 million dollars. In accordance with UK laws, the new owner needs not only to rebuild the hotel, but and carefully to relocate the population of the bats that have settled here. To reconstruct a prison in a comfortable hotel Museum design company Twelve Architects.

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