The capital of the Zaporozhian you can see from the 40-meter tower

The capital of the Zaporozhian you can see from the 40-meter tower

Climb to the observation deck is worth five hryvnia.

In the town of Glukhov, Sumy region hosts an interesting location for tourists. So, anyone can climb that water tower with a height of 40 meters to explore the historic part of the city. Admission is only 5 UAH.

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«Everyone in these beautiful spring days to enjoy the surrounding landscape and historical-architectural monuments from the highest point of our city – a 40-meter tower of water» — States on page Glukhovsky city Council in Facebook.

Guests are promised a lot of emotions from visiting the observation deck experience.

I should add that the deaf has a rich history. One of the brightest pages of the town is that Glukhov some time was the capital of Zaporizhia army – state that emerged in the result of the uprising of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. So, the city has preserved many churches and secular buildings, which is more than 100 years.

Learn more about the deaf was mentioned among the 10 legendary cities of Ukraine. In particular, in ancient times, it was a fortress, which is still preserved ramparts.


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