The city of harmony and strange traditions: in the churches of Porto citizens bring copies of their own bodies

The city of harmony and strange traditions: in the churches of Porto citizens bring copies of their own bodies

The Portuguese bring the wax organs to churches in the hope of improving health.

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, it is sometimes even called the Northern capital. In terms of population Port like Lutsk, Rivne Ternopil or, but for the atmosphere it is more reminiscent of a cozy village somewhere high in the Carpathian mountains. The city is literally stopped in his pace.

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The port has not changed for many years and thanks to this historic part is preserved in authentic form. In the old part of the city, almost every second house with tiles «Azulejo». It’s a real symbol of the country. It has not only decorative purposes, but also practical: in summer it protects the house from heat and winter moisture. Was decorated with «Azulejos» and temples.

The councils of the Carmelites and Do Carmo in Porto at first glance like one building, but in fact they are still two. According to the laws of the XVIII century, when they were built, the two churches could not share a common wall. So between shrines erected a building with a width of only one meter – it is considered the narrowest in the world. It and can be noticed immediately, only if you look good.

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Walking through the streets of the city you should definitely go to one of the cathedrals, because in Portuguese there is a bit of a strange tradition. If they have a headache or heart they don’t go to the doctor, and come in a special shop, where to buy mini versions of the organ that hurts, bring to Church and believe that will soon recover. These waxy ears, hands, feet and even Breasts in the temple very much, sometimes even a little creepy.

Read more about Porto and the Portuguese traditions, see the story headings «Miy Punic» program «snidanok z 1+1».

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Here is a special, calm atmosphere at home, which will not see anywhere else and the friendly people who always smile and do not hurry.

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