The huge salt mines of Transylvania hide fantastic entertainment Park

The huge salt mines of Transylvania hide fantastic entertainment Park

People come to the Park to have fun and to treat lungs the healthy air of the salt caves.

In the Romanian town of Turda, in Transylvania, found the original application of the millenary salt mines, which are located in its outskirts. Here, in the vast halls of the quarry, placed an amusement Park Salina Turda. Before it finishes, the owners approached creatively and now it looks rather quaint scenery of the film-a dystopian rather than an entertainment center.

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Under the arches of the fossil salt is a Ferris wheel and Playground for children, a field for mini-Golf, bowling, billiard and tennis tables, and an amphitheater. In addition, in the mine you can walk the old mining passages and inspect the place of production of salt. Some of the decorations here are made of old abandoned equipment. A choice you can walk by yourself or book a tour.

Other activities include boat hire for trips on the underground lake.

In Transylvanian amusement Park there is a Spa and Wellness centre, plus several swimming pools. In addition, there are practicing salt therapy – prevention of various diseases, in particular lung,through inhalation of medical air salt mines. For a long time underground salt rooms salt was used as a health resort.

On the surface, near the mines, there are cafes serving traditional Transylvanian dishes, souvenir shops and Parking. But in the mines you can not only relax, but also to make unique images among the «utilitarian» scenery. To stay in the salt caves is to bring warm clothing – in the Salina Turda cool all year round.

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Entrance fee for adults is 6 euros, children 3 euros.

Mine in Turda started working in the year 1075, and finally closed in 1932. Subsequently, her salt tunnels began to be used for rehabilitation of people with lung disease. Now, in addition to mine with therapeutic and recreational activities, in Turda is a landscaped Park with rocks, the remnants of an ancient Roman settlement and the historical Museum.

Earlier it was mentioned about the unique amusement Park in Poland. Here, under the open sky is a unique dinosaur Museum with sculptures of prehistoric animals in actual size.

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