The intelligence agent told US how to behave to tourists in emergency situations

The intelligence agent told US how to behave to tourists in emergency situations

It is not necessary to settle for the first and last floor in the hotel.

When choosing a hotel room, pay attention not only to the panorama from the Windows, but also on its location. So, you should not choose the rooms on the first or the last floor room – it will expand the space for escape in case of an attack of malefactors. An additional advantage is the pool under a balcony or emergency exit nearby.

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«The first floor is easily accessible for attackers, and the top – not allowing to maneuver,» says a former veteran of the marine corps and ex-CIA agent drew Dwyer in an interview for

For greater security during the settlement should ask the fire evacuation plan of the hotel or at least familiar with it. Such a plan should be at the reception or at the stand with important information. According to the CIA, this is an extreme measure, but it should adhere to, when you rest in the countries of the Middle East, where the risk of terrorist attacks is much higher than in Europe.

In this case, the most important things – passport, other documents and money should be kept in one place so they are easy to take to quickly leave the room.

«If your hotel, cafe or airport was attacked by terrorists, there are three basic rules that should guide: to run, to hide and to quickly react to the surrounding changes,» says drew Dwyer.

That is, if you are in a confined space and escape is not possible – is hiding in the bathroom or closet, with a better barricade a room.

The most important thing – not to freeze in place when happened something terrible, because this is the worst possible option. Thus, people often do. The reason for this is fear, which is to win.

«In extreme cases, when the situation is hopeless and have nowhere to flee, to play dead, but this is not the best option,» – summed up the former U.S. intelligence officer.

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