The journey of the «mad» mommy: a woman with two children visited 17 countries during the decree

The journey of the «mad» mommy: a woman with two children visited 17 countries during the decree

The journey began when the smaller child was nine weeks.

Karen Edwards and her husband Sean and two children have already visited 17 countries. Herewith, travel she began to lower when Quinn was nine weeks, and daughter Esme is three years. The couple decided that maternity leave is a great opportunity to see the world, not «go» in diapers and household chores.

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Due to traveling, Karen and Sean can all the time spend with the children and it’s always fun when you’re on the road, visit new places and want to share with someone impressions. «I know little Quinn won’t remember these journeys, but still the world affects him differently,» says Shawn. It was a beautiful experience, because most men needs to get back to work to provide for his family.

«Parent money gave us the added advantage of travel. And since I earn more, we do not detain the house,» says Karen.

Among the places the couple have visited: Canada, USA, Belize, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Caribbean region. Now couples with children located in Peru. A young mother believes that the family will never give up traveling. Even if in the future they will have to live a normal life, the couple plans on a monthly basis to visit interesting places.

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Travel «crazy» wife is trying to meet with the same pairs, so the kids have someone to play with and they could socialize. In addition, in the most beautiful places the family is trying to stay longer to interestingness etched in the memory of the children.

«Kids tantrums sometimes happen on the road, says Karen — but this is unavoidable in any case, even if you go back to sustainable life.»

For the first time the couple went on a world trip when they have a daughter, who is now three years. Then they realized that some things in the journey, just need to get used to, but overall the hassle is not more than at home. Even then the woman has created their own website leads blog and shares his impressions of travel, «crazy» mom.

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We will remind, earlier it was mentioned that a family with children, sold all possessions to travel the world and enjoy life. The husband and wife moved the children to distance learning, sold the house, cars and furniture and things donated to charity to travel. This idea came to them in 2016, when the family returned from a trip abroad. All were delighted with the stay and wanted to spend more time in new unseen places together.

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