The main secrets of a successful travel blog or how to make money on travel

The main secrets of a successful travel blog or how to make money on travel

Consider the style of the blog, a creative approach to photography and to experiment – important habits a popular travel blogger.

Thousands, and sometimes millions of followers, is the number of spectators gather popular travel bloggers. They travel the world, talk about their apparently exciting life and enjoying the Internet fame. However, most authors have nebolshoe Calisto subscribers. The answers to what the secret to a successful travel blog can make money with «hyped» page of the traveler tried to find TSN.Tourism.

Find your style

A walk in the Park, relaxing on the sea and the food – including tens of thousands of photos on the Internet is updated daily. So, to remember, is to develop your own style that will distinguish your blog among thousands of similar. It may be some kind of artistic image or idea, which will combine your photos and make the page an individual. In addition to the pictures, you should add at least a short story. However, it should not be a dry message across – much better to share your emotions, opinions, impressions, and especially cool to make fun of the situation.

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But in General, your blog should show individuality. To subscribers interested in first you, and then your travel photos. For example, you can give the blog a pair, creating a unique photo with the statement «follow me.» This idea brings together all the photos but for the great shot guys can spend hours and even days. However, they published only one frame.

Accordingly – it is not necessary to post dozens of photos from the trip. And if you have a lot of different and really good photos – make collage. But it should be interesting shots that show the whole flavor of the trip.

And once you find your unique style – the number of subscribers will grow. And as a result of to publish ads, run their own blog in the online edition or to advertise a clothing brand.

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Be active

Your audience has already signed on dozens of travel bloggers, which it periodically scans and comments. Please share your own opinions in the pages of subscribers, assert yourself at every opportunity that you began to learn. And again, do not write banal comments – let this be your point of view.

Come to each frame creatively

Another way to attract attention is to experiment with colors, taking photos from a different angle and add different interesting details.

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7 key tips to make a travel blog popular

1. High-quality photos with a unique style, in the same tone and art direction. Create stories from pictures.

2. Meaningful and short texts. The majority of people browsing the social network in your spare time between more important things, and therefore, at this time you need something to «catch». However, the information should be simple and understandable to everyone.

3. Post at least one photo every day.

4. To the number of subscribers grew, your profile must be public. Besides, include the geolocation of photos and add tags.

5. The cornerstone of a successful travel blog — a prominent personality of the author. And it’s not just photos – it is necessary to Express own opinion, to correspond with the subscribers and interesovatsya their tastes and preferences.

6. Near photos can give advice to his subscribers: where to go, what to see and what Goodies to try.

7. The main thing in pictures – inspiration, and not a reflection of everyday life. The ability to see the world differently and take what you like – this is the formula for a successful profile travel bloggers.

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