The man quit his job and sold the house to travel in the van with his girlfriend

The man quit his job and sold the house to travel in the van with his girlfriend

Jordan Shane was restored two years auto to bring the concept to life.

Jordan Shane from Los Angeles tired of the usual life and business he was given all the time. Therefore, 33-year-old American decided to devote his life to travel. He renounced his earnings in a small computer company, sold the house and all things. But Shane bought a van and went with my girlfriend on a trip to North America.

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Earlier, Jordan considered himself a «workaholic». The work took all the time, very frail and he was not satisfied. The only thing Shane was interested in is traveling and cars. Then he decided to buy a used van for travel, writes the Daily Mail.

«The idea is to buy a car appeared as enlightenment. I was just flipping through Internet pages and then stumbled upon the announcement of the sale of the old Volkswagen,» says the traveler.

Subsequently, Jordan has acquired vintage car. The next two years he restored and repaired the car, that it was possible not only to travel but to live. After completion of the work Shane closed his business, put up for sale the house and unnecessary things. And then he and his girlfriend Natalia Teppam began a new Chapter in life.

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The van always attracts attention. So, older people come up to ask something, because for them it is associated with young age. At that time, young people interested in the intricacies of this way of life to themselves to join it.

The couple travels the United States and Canada. They cook in a van, sleeping under the open sky and go where they wish. The last three months, a guy and a girl are traveling North America. In the future, Jordan and Natalie are planning to visit South America, namely Patagonia in Argentina.

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