The man travels with two dogs that was saved from death

The man travels with two dogs that was saved from death

The trio have already visited 12 National parks in the USA.

Jordan Kahana travels through the States of USA and Canada with two dogs for several years. During this time, they drove nearly 50 thousand kilometers. Their friendship began with that the man took pity on the puppies, which we noticed on the road, drove to the nearest veterinary facility and decided never to them not to leave.

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30-year-old Jordan traveled Arizona, when I noticed on the side of the highway two dogs that were in poor condition. It was in a very hot area of the state between the desert towns of Sedona and page. He felt sorry for the animals, but because he took them to the nearest animal hospital. It turned out that the age of dogs for about two months and severe dehydration. The doctor said that the animals could have died if not for Jordan. The guy then got emotional and decided to take the dog with him. Since that time, they travel together on a van. Dogs name is Sedona and Zeus.

«Command» has visited 12 National parks in the USA, as well as popular tourist spots, including times Square in new York city and the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

The trio even got its own page in Instagram watched by around 50 thousand followers. Is the number of subscribers has enabled Jordan to not only gain popularity and media attention, but quit their jobs and earn advertising through its own channel. But until recently, he officially worked and he was able to travel with a flexible schedule.

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We will remind, earlier it was mentioned that the couple moved to live in a van, became a star of social networks and makes the subscribers. For the first time, the couple decided to abandon the usual existence and to travel through Central America by car in February 2012. Then they just surfed on the sea and enjoy the freedom from office work.

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