The number of Ukrainians wishing to rest in Turkey have increased EN masse this year

The number of Ukrainians wishing to rest in Turkey have increased EN masse this year

Turkish resorts among Ukrainians prefer Antalya.

The number of Ukrainians who visited Turkey from January to may grew by 24.48% compared to the same period last year. This was announced by the Director of one of the leading travel companies of Ukraine.
«Ukraine entered the top-10 countries of tourist arrivals to Turkey, showing a growth of 24.48% in comparison with indicators of last year», — the statement reads.

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In just five months of 2017 visited Turkey 316,252 thousand Ukrainians.
The most popular destination among Ukrainians remains Antalya. The cost of staying at the resort this year is to $ 1.32 million for nine nights for two people.
In 2016, Turkey was visited by 1 million 250 thousand tourists from Ukraine.

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As mentioned earlier, Google has identified the most popular queries of the Ukrainians rest. Among them, Turkey ranked the first place. Followed by Egypt, Bulgaria, Georgia and Montenegro. Also mentioned were popular this summer, local resorts.
According to statistics, visit the foreign countries are planning to only 16% of Ukrainians. The others want to go to the shore of the Black or Azov seas or to the country.
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