The pair picked up dangerous parasites when walking barefoot on a tropical beach

The pair picked up dangerous parasites when walking barefoot on a tropical beach

People have swollen feet and intolerable itching of the foot.

A young couple who were vacationing in the Dominican Republic contracted the infection Hookworm. They pick up harmful bacteria on the foot, walking on the beach islands barefoot. The disease is spread by parasitic worms that live in contaminated soil.

A guy and a girl from the canadian province of Ontario noticed some suspicious swelling on the feet that itched after returning from vacation, writes the Telegraph. It was to this couple was vacationing in the Dominican Republic coastal area of Pointe-Kahn. «Intolerable itching» forced to go to the doctors, but they could not establish the diagnosis and only a third specialist determined the cause of the ulcer. It was a Hookworm infection.

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«The larvae can infect people if their skin is in contact with the sand – for example, when you go barefoot,» said the doctor.

Agents became parasitic worms nematodes that live on beach and penetrate the human body clinging to the skin. Bacteria parasites are born only in the ground, contaminated feces, in countries with low sanitation level and a warm humid climate.

«After returning we felt the itching stop, but thought it was just from mosquito bites and did not pay attention to it», — said the girl on his page in Facebook. Every day foot condition worsened and we were forced to go to the doctor.

Estimated 576-740 million people worldwide are infected with nematodes.

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