The participants of the project «community on mlion» to «1+1» have created unique tours for travel in Ukraine

The participants of the project «community on mlion» to «1+1» have created unique tours for travel in Ukraine

After the last test project consists of only four United territorial communities, which compete for the main prize.

Sunday, February 25, at 10.05 on «1+1» will show the new release of social business-entertainment «community to mlion», created together with the program of support of decentralization in Ukraine the U.S. Agency for international development USAID-Dobre. For the first time on Ukrainian television in the format of a reality show, you can see how the process of decentralization of power in Ukraine.

We will remind, after the last test in the project there are only four of the United territorial community, which compete for the main prize – 1 million UAH of investments from the Fund WHISEF.

In the new issue Novopskovsky, Pechenejskoye, Knyagininsky and Bug the community is awaiting a new assignment from investors and leading Ozimok Irina and Dmitry Ognev. Communities-the participants have to develop a tour that can attract tourists to their regions. The special complexity of the task gives that estimate the tour will be representatives of the community and competitors with their own money. The remuneration of the organizers of the entertainment program depends on how the tour like tourists. GSS, which will receive the least money, will leave the project.

So, Knyagininskaya community of Volyn decided to hit competitors ‘ culinary masterpieces and developed for lovers of traditional Ukrainian cuisine a gastronomic tour. He treated his guests not only with pancakes, soup and dumplings, but also more refined dishes — stuffed crabs and fried carp from the best local fisherman. Each dish was accompanied by singing, dancing and fun contests.

Community bug the Nikolaev area invited guests in the Wellness spiritual and educational tour, during which visitors could find the path to harmony of body and soul, the positive energy and get a relaxing session of apitherapy. The tour program was impressive and Breakfast in a pine forest, and fascinating lectures from the masters of spiritual practices and tour of «places of power».

Pechenezhskaya community of Ivano-Frankivsk region decided to impress guests wedding tour for the newlyweds. Lovers, who will participate in the tour, we can have the wedding according to the ancient Hutsul tradition, but first, men must undergo a rite of passage in the «opryshky» and proved his courage to the bride.

Impressive travel program created and Novopskovska community of the Luhansk region. Its members invited their guests to the men’s tour «Invincible» for the real Cossacks, during which tourists could not only feel the true spirit of the Cossacks, but also to prove their manhood and to relax in exclusively male society.

Which communities will continue to race for a million, and who will leave the project, see Sunday, February 25, at 10.05 in the new issue of reality the «community on mlion» to «1+1».

Also, the project can be viewed on the online platform 1+1 video. It’s own VOD service, which combines all of the content that was shown in the TV channels of the group, and gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite TV series and shows on any device at any time.


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