The resort of Cyprus has declared «war» drunk tourists

The resort of Cyprus has declared «war» drunk tourists

Ayia NAPA want to turn into luxury resort for family vacations.

In the resort of Ayia NAPA, in Cyprus, decided to fight those who abuse alcohol and unbridled behaves in public. Here will install a modern surveillance system, in order to detain troublemakers and drunken tourists. The mayor appealed to the tour operators with the request to warn tourists about new standards of relaxation that is aimed at enhancing the prestige of Ayia NAPA.

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In particular, the appeal says that in the ‘ 90s, the resort has become popular among young people aged 18-30 years, writes The Telegraph. They come here for unbridled entertainment that prevent the majority of tourists harmoniously spend time.

«We will attract more solvent tourists, and we will have the best quality tourism,» — said the mayor of the city.

For the sample in Ayia NAPA will take practice resorts such as Magaluf in Spain, the island of Hvar in Croatia, Sunny beach and Kavos in Greece. Previously, these beach town was also the centres of young people who came here for the booze and indecent entertainment. Within the 5-year plan, they become a family holiday. The same strategy plans to implement the mayor of a Mediterranean oasis in Cyprus.

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The development of the resort dedicated a tremendous amount of money to open new hotels and beaches. Only on a boat that will run near Ayia NAPA has allocated 220 million euros.

We will remind that from-for negligence of tourists in Thailand will close one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is located in the same cozy Bay surrounded by cliffs, and not far from the waterfront, there are many coral reefs. That is the careless attitude of tourists and owners of yachts visiting the Bay, to coral prompted the authorities to such extreme measures. The fact that in recent years they destroyed about 72% of the coral reefs that grow near the beach.

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