The Sins Of Ancient Egypt. DNA of mummies of the two brothers revealed that their father was «a cuckold»

The Sins Of Ancient Egypt. DNA of mummies of the two brothers revealed that their father was «a cuckold»

The mummies were found near Cairo in one tomb, and therefore were considered brothers.

In the Museum of Manchester are mummies of two brothers who lived in the days of the Old Egyptian Kingdom. In ancient times they were priests and sons of the Governor of the city of Deir Reef near Cairo. Through DNA testing of the teeth of the mummies, modern researchers found out that «brothers» had the same mother, but father is different.

Mummies of noble men khnum-Nahda and Nahta-Anhaght buried around 1800, the year before our era, writes Daily Mail. They found 1907, the year near the capital Egyptian’s Cairo in one grave. From the characters, it became clear that the sarcophagi belong to the brothers, their father was Governor and mother was named khnum-AA. Thanks to this discovery began be called «Two brothers».

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After studies of skeletons of dead anthropologists decided that they weren’t family, because it is very different. Then came the theory that one of the brothers is adopted. But DNA analysis has discovered an ancient secret – they are brothers only through the maternal line. This is evidenced by mitochondrial haplotype M1a1. Haplotype means that they share one parent, and M1a1 – that is the mother.

The researchers did not have information about whether the mother of the «brothers» novel and did it husband. In ancient times such a juicy story silent. Infidelity of men was perceived in ancient Egypt fine, especially if it was a high-ranking official. At the same time, a woman for an intimate relationship with the other could beat, kill, or even burned at the stake alive. But it is more dependent on the decisions of men, than from any laws or social norms. Thus, in one ancient Egyptian instructive books tells the parable of a vicious wife. For treason it is tied to a log was burned and the bones thrown into the Nile.

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Now mummy «Two brothers» is the oldest human remains that are stored in the Museum at the University of Manchester in the UK.

We will remind, earlier it was mentioned that in Egypt, archaeologists found two tombs 3,500 years old. One of them was stored the mummy of a venerable citizen, a wooden funerary masks, pottery and about 450 statues. On the ceiling is carved the name of the Pharaoh Tuthmosis I. the Tomb has five inputs.


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