The Spanish resort has banned rent housing to tourists

The Spanish resort has banned rent housing to tourists

Residents of the city of Palma on Mallorca will be fined for the delivery of housing to rent without a license.

From July 2018 to the city of Palma de Mallorca is forbidden to rent homes to tourists. In particular, the restriction will apply to those who offer room or apartments without a license to various online resources.

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Residents of the Spanish capital of the islandthat will rent without a license in the future, may be fined for the sum to 400 thousand Euro, informs the Daily Mail. Such stringent conditions will be affected, especially apartments, which are located close to the airport and the industrial area.

The reason for this restriction was excessive, according to the mayor of Palma Antonio Noguera, the flow of tourists. In particular, in the Mediterranean resort gets a lot of young people who excessively consume alcohol and spoil the image of the island.

However, a number of online resources have opposed such restrictions, which makes it impossible to earn the locals. Airbnb representatives believe that the ban contributes to the business of major hotel complexes and does nothing to solve the stated problems.

However, officials of the city are set to reduce the number of tourists 120 thousand 436 thousand annual visitors now. In Palma de Mallorca believe that it will only improve the level of service at the resort, and vacationers will feel comfortable.

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In the city hall of Palma are convinced that in the future a number of Spanish resorts, particularly on Islands, impose restrictions on uncontrolled delivery of housing to improve the service.

Earlier in the resort town of the island of Cyprus has declared «war» drunk tourists. The fact that Ayia NAPA want to turn into luxury resort for family vacations.

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