The whole world $ 92 thousand: sverhsrochnoy liner will round the 7 continents, over 140 days

The whole world $ 92 thousand: sverhsrochnoy liner will round the 7 continents, over 140 days

Travelers will go ashore in the ports 62, which are located in 32 countries.

In 2020, will begin the cruise, which for 140 days pass by all seven continents. Liner Silver Whisper will go to 62 ports in 32 countries that allow visitors to appreciate the diversity of cultures and natural resources around the world.

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The cost of travelling on a luxury liner taking into account all the cultural attractions, tours, refreshments and entertainment programs – 92 thousand dollars, writes the Traveller.

Cruise past the 7 continents in numbers:

  • Year of starting – 2020
  • The number of passengers – 382
  • Travel time – 140 days
  • The number of ports on the route 62
  • The number of countries 32
  • The number Kontinent – 7

The cruise starts at the port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Next, the campers waiting for the heavenly panoramas of the Caribbean and East coast of South America where the ship will stop in the ports of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. After along the continent, the liner will pass to the South, down to the shores of Antarctica and its ice-covered Islands.


Next step: a journey across the Pacific with stops on the Islands of Robinson Crusoe, Easter and arrival in Australia. Here vacationers will visit Sydney, Melbourne and Kangaroo island.

Further, the liner, the Silver Whisper will travel to the shores of Asia, where vacationers can get warm on the beaches of Phuket in Thailand, to explore the temples of Colombo in Sri Lanka and stroll in Mumbai, India. Asian route over the Middle East, in particular, tourists will visit the deserted city among the rocks of Jordan – Petra.

In Europe, the ship will go to key port of the continent. Among the many places tourists will be visiting: Sicily, Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon.

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The final part of the route stretches from Dublin along the North of Europe, including passing the beautiful Norwegian fjords before will bring tourists to Amsterdam, where the journey ends.

Cruise company, which planned this trip, says he’s not the longest of those who carried out the liners. But it is different in positive terms that on the route the tourists will be placed on the same ship and during the voyage there will be no interruptions.

Recall that Saudi Arabia financed the construction of the resort near the Ball El-Sheikh. In addition to tourism, there are plans to develop several areas: energy, biotechnology, agriculture, and here will work to create advanced technologies. In addition, the resort is planned to attract European cruise companies, ocean liners, which will roam the Red sea to the Sinai Peninsula in the winter season.


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