The wonders of Egypt, which you knew not: why visit the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut near Luxor

The wonders of Egypt, which you knew not: why visit the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut near Luxor

On the walls of Egyptian temple are preserved ancient paintings and bas-reliefs, and terraces adorned with Grand sculptures.

Luxor in ancient times was the capital of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Now, of course, after millenia of decline, it is difficult to imagine the past grandeur of the ancient city. However, among the new buildings, one can see the ruins of the majestic temples that were built for the pharaohs. And yet – in the vicinity of the city there are a number of rock tombs of the Egyptian kings. This so-called city of the dead. The most ambitious of the local mortuary temples – the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut.

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In ancient times, the temple of Hatshepsut was called «the most Sacred of sacred». And all because even then, their luxury and size struck contemporaries. The building consists of several tiers with the shrines of the gods and the halls dedicated to the parents of the Queen and her. All the walls and columns are decorated with paintings and reliefs that tell the history of Egypt, and depict the life of gods and the journey to the afterlife.

The temple was founded with a singular architectural precision. Each floor of the tomb is decorated with terraces with colonnades, and carved from the rock the pedestals of the sphinxes, Egyptian gods and pharaohs. The terrace leads to a huge massive ramp. Before him, across the desert, from the ancient Thebes stretched the cobbled road. On its sides were displayed numerous statues of sphinxes, some of which are now stored at the tomb.

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The mortuary temple was built within 7 years, from 1482 until 1473. Looking at the burial place it is hard to believe that she is a thousand years older than the iconic Parthenon temple in Athens.

Details about the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, see the story headings «Miy putuni» program «snidanok z 1+1».

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28 December 2017, 11:04

Recall that in the fall of 2017, the scientists made a sensational discovery in the great pyramid. By scanning the special telescopes were found cavity sizes 2 to 30 meters. The study authors suggest that the room may be the tomb of the Pharaoh and his wife. While scientists decide how to open preserved space. Before this discovery there was only a theory that the tomb may be located in the pyramid.

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