«There is no place to swing a cat» — the most overpopulated island of the world

«There is no place to swing a cat» — the most overpopulated island of the world

The jumble of houses among the Caribbean was an island.

Santa Cruz del Islam is the most densely populated island on the planet. If 0,012 square kilometres it is home to more than 1,200 people. Population density is four times greater than new York’s Manhattan.

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The island is located in the Caribbean sea, near the coast of Colombia, writes Metro. Its size is very tiny and the building is so dense that almost can not see the coast or a free piece of land.

At the same time, the islanders are happy with their lives and believe that they live in Paradise.

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Santa Cruz del Islote was settled about a hundred years ago by the local fishermen. They chose the island for housing because of the absolute absence of mosquitoes. And so, centuries later, here is «there is no place to swing a cat».

www.flickr.com/Richard Silver

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