There was a site rental housing for nudists by analogy with the popular service

There was a site rental housing for nudists by analogy with the popular service

The website works like AirBnB.

Spouses are tired of the constant search for housing, where it was allowed to relax without any clothes, and therefore created its own service for nudists.

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The website NaturistBnB works like AirBnB, but it is a much smaller audience wishing to relax in the Nude, according to CNN.

On the website owners register housing where you can relax naked in the room, sunbathe on the outdoor terraces or to go out in that courtyard. All the rules are described in detail below subsequently there was no misunderstanding.

«I think it’s a really cool opportunity to travel to interesting cities, to meet with like-minded people and relax with them,» says co-founder of the service Petri Kareinen.

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The idea to create a website of rental housing to nudism appeared in a pair after a bad experience search the apartment on the popular platforms. The couple say that there to find housing, where it was allowed to rest naked, hard. In addition, many people don’t report it openly.

Now the site already has a lot of suggestions, although much less than on AirBnB. However, spouses have no ambition to compete with well-known platform, but just want to gather as many people as possible who share their views on the rest without clothes.

I mentioned earlier that there are in the vicinity of Belize island resort, where they relax Topless. The cost of staying there starts at 5 thousand dollars.

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November 7, 2017, 08:46

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