There was a video, how to build a futuristic Park on «Star wars» at Disneyland

There was a video, how to build a futuristic Park on «Star wars» at Disneyland

Here you can even get to fly the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.

Disney released a video shot by the quadrocopter, which showed the development of the construction of the new location of Disneyland California, dedicated to «Star wars». The new part of the Park will be called Star Wars: Galaxy»s Edge, that is, «Star wars: Edge of the galaxy.» Here you can even fly a copy of the ship of Han Solo – the Millennium Falcon.

The Park area will be about 57 thousand square meters; it will be a fictional planet Batu, which the creators of the Park invented specifically for him, writes the Daily Mail.

The Park is built for the funds that were allocated for the development of several parks in the world. The total amount is more than 2 billion euros.

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The same Park dedicated to the universe of «Star wars» built in the Park Walt Disney World Florida. The company reported that entertainment zone star Saga tourists can visit in 2019.

In addition, in Europe upset Disneyland Paris, where they are building three new entertainment megazone, which is dedicated to: Star wars, comic book movies, Marvel and the cartoon «the Cold heart».

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