Tourism in Morocco will clamp severe state vise

Tourism in Morocco will clamp severe state vise

The country wants to restrict the operation of online services and penalize the people who are on them by the landlords.

Until the end of 2019, Morocco plans to ban online services of rental housing who are working to bypass the laws of the country and not pay taxes. Residents who rent housing through such services, expect to be punished strictly.

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To search for the «shadow» of landlords in Morocco want to hire secret inspectors and informants of the interior Ministry, reports «the Association of tour operators».

Moroccans who rent housing through the online service than harm to the tourist industry and reduce the influx of tourists to the hotels, will impose heavy fines.

The authorities of Morocco drew attention to the fact that the country is the second most popular destination in Africa according to rating of Airbnb, after South Africa. The offer is 22 thousands. A similar situation in Morocco is called «a new reality, which distorts the tourism development strategy».

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Moroccan tourism sector that is the country an important source of foreign exchange, estimated at $ 7 billion: it accounts for about 7 % of GDP. The industry employs about 2.5 million Moroccans. With the help of new tax instruments the authorities want to withdraw from the «shadow» is not only illegal, but also improve the competitiveness of local hotels: on the background of the popularity of Airbnb, their load is reduced.

To resolve the situation, Morocco offers online services that are cooperating with residents and tourists, to register in the country and pay appropriate taxes.

We will remind, earlier inhabitants of the Spanish resort has banned rent housing to tourists. Residents of Palma de Mallorca will be fined for the delivery of housing to rent without a license.


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