Transparent mobile cabins in Finland attract tourists with incredible panoramas

Transparent mobile cabins in Finland attract tourists with incredible panoramas

Inside the mobile room has all the amenities for a family holiday.

In the happiest country in the world in 2018 – Finland opened the hotel with mobile cabins-rooms for viewing the Northern lights. Portable room resemble a large, closed sledge with glass walls and a roof, and move them by snowmobile to find the place with the best views of the Finnish Arctic.

Dimensions mobile number: width – 2.5 meters, length – 4.5 meters and a height of 2 meters. Inside has all the amenities for a couple or family: a bed, small table, gas heater and external dry toilet.

Residents of mobile numbers also provide skis and snowshoes in order to walk the snow-covered terrain and explore the nearby landscapes.

«Cabins in the wilderness allow you to get the unique experience of the Arctic and Northern lights,» says the hotel’s founder and expert of Arctic travel John Cooper.

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Just an extraordinary hotel there are three mobile cabins, which are now located to the East from Kilpisjärvi to the remote farm in the North of Finland. They can be booked until mid-April, and then the mobile room will be closed until January 2019.

Recall that in neighboring Norway erected the first underwater restaurant of Europe. Conceptually, the building will be submerged in the North sea. The main highlight will be a huge panoramic window with a width of almost 10 meters.

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