Travel destroying the planet: as tourists dramatically change the climate

Travel destroying the planet: as tourists dramatically change the climate

Travel enhance the greenhouse effect.

World tourism leads to the formation about 8 % of the greenhouse gases on the planet. They cause the greenhouse effect and catastrophic climate change. Most damning for nature gas emit planes.

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Thus, with the increase in the standard of living of the population grows and the ratio of emissions per person, CBSnews reports, citing a new study by researchers the University of Sydney. So, more affluent travelers use the money for more expensive transport, processed food and cosmetics that emit greenhouse gas. But, people with less income tend to use public transport and consume raw food. Although the structure of this division for each individual country.

In General, most GHG emissions from the tourism industry observed in the United States. The following countries: China, Germany and India. Here most of the harmful emissions caused by internal trips and business travel.

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On small Islands, this trend disproportionately. So, Cyprus, the Maldives and Seychelles , the percentage of GHG emissions from tourist activities amounts to 60-80% of the total. The fact that these resorts is a lot of air traffic from the mainland.

The study was conducted over a year and a half. During this time the University has analysed nearly one billion of air travel in different directions.

Recall that on the Islands of Italy are to be fined tourists who eat from plastic on the beach. The reason is that tourists leave trash on the beach or thrown into the sea, from which the island took second place for pollution in Italy.

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