Tricks of the online booking system: how to buy tickets and book hotels cheaper

Tricks of the online booking system: how to buy tickets and book hotels cheaper

Tickets and hotel rooms should be booked 3-6 months prior to travel.

Websites to search for flights or hotels can create artificial demand for your chosen location and date of the trip. Thus, by specifying certain parameters on the website to rent a room, a message appears that there is one or just a few rooms available. Such information is not always the case – better to check it on the hotel website or call directly.

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In addition to the artificial «shortage» of rooms, sites of rental housing often show inflated prices, because they earn a percentage of sales, writes Lifehacker. In addition, search results not offer the best rental options for price/quality. Therefore, choosing a room, you better check prices in several places. It may be that the hotel has plenty of rooms available, and the site encourages spontaneous purchase.

«During the last journey in Italy I specifically asked the owners whether they have all «scored.» Was busy there was only 4 rooms of 16,» says a traveler who frequently uses online services. Do not «lead» to a variety of events, and it is better to spend more time to really save money.

If you travel to Europe, to conduct such research may prevent the language barrier. But it is worth a little effort to save money for excursions or different Goodies.

Sites of online bookings are monitoring how much time the user devotes to the search for a hotel or ticket, and it also affects the cost of popular services. To avoid this, try to indicate to search engines a floating date ±3 days, if it is allowed by the function.

In order not to pay for accommodation or flights in the case of travel on specific dates is to book your tickets 3-6 months in advance. Thus your behavior will not be able to push through their algorithms all search engines. Thus, it should monitor prices in the «Incognito» mode in the browser, and to buy the tickets at all from another computer.

This tactic will allow you to save the most money and not to fall into the «trap» of search engines.

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The street is still raging winter, and Ukrainians are actively planning a summer vacation. For the last two months of ticket sales in Turkey and EU countries has doubled. Most of the rooms in Turkey are already reserved. How to plan a vacation to get more save — see «Sedanko 1+1».

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