Video: cheetahs nearly broke the family with the child during the Safari

Video: cheetahs nearly broke the family with the child during the Safari

The tourists ignored the safety rules and nearly paid with his life.

The journey of a French family in Safari Park of the Netherlands had all the chances to end in tragedy. Spouses with a child was suddenly surrounded by a pack of cheetahs when they got out of the car to walk.

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The tourists ignored the safety rules of the Park Beekse Bergen and left the car to photograph predators. It took video of other vacationers who by chance was passing near the scene.

In the video you can see how the cheetahs run to the family that strays too far from the car. Animals began to surround unwary travelers and tried to pounce.

Tourists miraculously managed to reach the car, waving away the predators by something shouting. The latter sat in the car a woman with a small child in her arms.

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Park officials believe that the perpetrators were literally on the verge of death.

Recall that in Nikolaevsk a zoo of stray dogs killed four alpacas. Protection should compensate for the market value of the animal from 150 to 180 thousand hryvnias.

Video settings Berdyansk Safari Park there was a couple of Australian kangaroo

Marsupials moved to Zaporozhye from the Czech Republic, they waited for five whole years. The first few days, the kangaroo has adapted after a long journey, and today finally went in the cage. Now kids are very careful if you feel threatened, nervous and start to sizzle. However, after a couple of weeks to adjust to a new home.

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