Where to spend the weekend near Kiev in any weather. 8 best places

Where to spend the weekend near Kiev in any weather. 8 best places

Cozy place, great for weekend away or holidays.

The weather is becoming more friendly and Easter weekend and may day celebrations already in the offing. These days Ukrainians can plan a trip and relax from everyday work.

TSN.Tourism found eight places that are located not far from Kiev and will be interesting for travel, as holidays and normal weekend.


Pushcha-Voditsa is the area Obolonskiy district, which is famous for its spas, landscape and countryside with old wooden villas.

Here is worth a go to walk around the Park «Pushcha Voditsa» children’s and sports grounds, bridges and alleys. Along with atmospheric villas on the banks of ponds and on a rented boat you can arrange a photo shoot, not departed from Kiev. The Park covers about 12 hectares.

Park can be reached by taking tram 12, which goes from Kontraktova square of the capital in the forest-Vodice hour. In the tram you can even book a tour, but on this trip places should be booked in advance. In addition, here from the metro station «Akademgorodok» walking bus No. 30, and from the «Nivki» — No. 226, No. 719.

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Novi Petrivtsi

In the village Novi Petrivtsi, 15 km from Kiev, is located the residence of the Ukrainian President-the fugitive «Mezhyhiria.» A landscaped Park on the banks of the Kiev reservoir amazes tourists with expensive equipped rooms, pavilions, garage with exclusive cars.

Walking here, it’s worth seeing the collection of cars, dog training center, a zoo, a huge Golf course and a stylized house ship Galleon. In the «Mezhyhiria» is to go for the day, to little to appreciate the wealth that’s left here, and beauty, which, accustomed to town, eyes to see not believe the fantastic beauty of the area.

The residence can be reached from the metro station «Petrovka» and «Heroes of Dnepr». Transport rides from 09:00 to 19:00 every hour.

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The village of Vorzel is 30 kilometers from Kiev, near Irpin, literally in the woods. There is a huge birch trees, gradually turning into the Park where you can take a walk and have a picnic. Just in Vorzel saved cozy forest reserve, in some places built up with villas and resorts.

Business card of the village – the estate of Countess Natalia Uvarova, founded in 1902. It houses the Museum «uvarovskiy house» where rooms are furnished as a century ago. The house is fully restored and it is surrounded with well-kept Park. Visiting it, you can learn not only about the Kiev Princess, but her father was famous in those days, the sugar magnate and Tereshchenko.

Vorzel more than a hundred years was known as a climatic health resort – had come to treat the respiratory system and the nervous and cardiovascular system. About 12 resorts work now. Walking cozy parks of the village, you breathe in healthy air. And if you come here in late spring, you can see how it blooms one of the largest Tulip trees in the Ukraine.

To Vorzel is to go to relax in nature with friends, walk the Park, Birch grove, to see the Tulip tree, visit the House of the Princess Uvarova.



Trypillia village located 40 kilometers from Kiev, near the Obukhov. Approaching him from the side of the capital, in front of a small Creek and a bridge, is to turn left so you fall on the virgin mountain. It offers panoramas of the Dnieper and its tributaries: Stugna, red and Bobritsa, and the esoterics say that the mountain is a «place of power» and there is a special energy that «charges» of the people.

On Devic-mountain found the remains of the ancient settlement that is mentioned in the Chronicles of XI century – it probably was laid by Yaroslav the Wise. In pre-Christian times, the mountain served as a temple of the goddess of fertility, hence its name. In addition, near the hill lived the tribes of the Zarubintsy culture in the first centuries of our era, long before the appearance of Kievan Rus.

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The village was first found settlement Tripoli culture, which got its name from him. In Tripoli there are the regional archaeological Museum «Ancient Aratta – Ukraine» – what prevedeni the rich history of the area. In the neighboring village of Halala has a Museum dedicated to the discoverer of the Trypillian culture – Vikentiy the Khvoika.

In Tripoli it is necessary to go «charge» with positive energy, to relax in nature, visit museums and learn more about the history of his native land. From Kiev can be reached from the bus station «Vydubychi».



Tomashivka village is located 60 kilometers from Kiev, near Fastov. Here is worth a go to explore the restored mansion Hoecker 1910, surviving outbuildings, surrounding Park with statues and fountains and a small zoo.

The estate is Rizopolozheniya skit Svyato-Vvedensky monastery. That is, the monks initiated the restoration of the building, beautification of the Park, the installation of sculptures of biblical themes, erection of brick walls and towers around the site and construction of a zoo. Haecky now the Palace is a monument of architecture of national value and one of the best preserved estates of the Kiev region.

To get to Tomashovka by bus from Fastiv. From Fastov to Kiev can be reached by train or bus from the bus station «Dacha».

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The town of Kozelets is located 60 kilometers from Kyiv to Chernihiv. In the centre there are three atmospheric stone churches, built in the Cossack Baroque style, house of the regimental office, and on the outskirts of the estate Pacoima, which is considered the oldest still extant on the Left Bank. It is located on the shore of the island, among the abandoned Park.

The decoration of the city – the Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin Mary with a bell tower, 1763. In the lower level of the Church is buried the mother of the last Ukrainian Hetman Kirill Razumovsky – nedorosl Rozumikha. In various written sources remember her as a very cunning woman. Uniquely decorated temple is often visited by those interested in the history of the Cossacks and traveling to Chernigov and Baturina.

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To get from Kiev to resemble vehicle, as well as public transport. Bus to town goes from the Central bus station and «Darnytsya».

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The city of Radomyshl in Zhytomyr region is located 110 kilometers from Kiev. Go here is because of the luxurious castle, which can not only inspect, but also to live in it. The fortress is a hotel, restaurant, Museum of Ukrainian home icons. In addition, the lock works paper factory where paper is made in the tradition of Kievan Rus, and invite those willing to learn the craft.

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Around the castle landscaped Park with lakes, springs and planted with rare plants. Here are all kinds of animals — beavers, otters, Minks, water rats, and birds — starlings, storks and woodpeckers.

To reach the city by private car or by bus.

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Abandoned Pripyat is a Grand monument to human negligence and sky-high ambitions of the Soviet government. The city is buried in the Bush, wild animals roam here, and people from different corners of the world come on the tour.

Usually, the visitors with travel excursions with experienced guides who know where to walk safely. With a group, you can visit interesting locations in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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